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Her sad eyes full of steel (today's dark as shit poem)

Updated: Apr 22

A sad lady sitting under a stormy sky. There is resolve in her still.

The mist sinks into her conscious being

Shadows smother and cling viciously

She’s trying to see the way out

But she can’t breathe, or flee

Focus shifts through blur and smoke

Aching, she says take it all away from me

It’s not wanted anymore

Cast into shadow where light should be

What are you waiting here for?

Slowly slowly she conjures stone

Towers will keep you out

She’s learned how to be alone

Primary wounds remain unclosed

Each breath drawn with greater doubt

Yours is not the gravity she seeks

The facade has begun to break

Light falls in the cracks, compressed into stone

Disharmony repeats

Now where are your friends?

Or are you really all alone?

Cruelty is self inflicted

Can anyone really hear her

She’s crying out for you

But she doesn’t want you to see her

Take her into your skin

It’s maybe all she has left

Someone must be able to reach her

Before it pulls her underneath

Where she can finally catch her breath

She doesn’t want to lose it all

But the crushing weight deceives

She thinks her strength has faded

The conflict has made her bleed

Will you be the one who saves her?

Her sad eyes full of steel

Her chest breaking against the world

A psyche that no longer knows how to feel

Will you pull her from the sorrow

From the shadows eating her whole

She has given up on you, stranger

Her fate befalls her, she fulfils her role.


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